Welcome back to my writeups again, I strongly offer my gratitude to you for reading and appreciating my writeups. I was not wondering that I would ever upload a new writeup on my this recent report because I only upload less but more meaningful and knowledgable reports which are distinctivly different from many usual people. As you have read my previous writeup, this writeup is also on Google VRP Program. This is because Google is platform where you can report without any worries of getting it duplicate. This report is on the product of Google named Waze.

What is Waze?

Waze is a maps platform similar to Google maps. It got acquired by Google many years ago and is still live in the google bug bounty program. It is a truely great map solutions which In my opinion is better than Google Maps. The scope about the pentesting is also very wide in order to get some vulnerabilites.

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How was I able to track anyone?

After usual scanning on the application as I usually do everyday , I came across a strange endpoint in the http history section of Burp Suite Professional. This endpoint was visible to me as it showed me certain User Id disclosed. Then I looked at the endpoint, it was like :-

What’s the catch here?

You would be wondering that the listing of users are not that useful thing if found. Yes, it is not that useful thats why I dig deeper. As you can see you would be asking what is this parameter bbox has to do here? After a certain research , let me explain you what is bbox?

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What is Bbox?

BBOX is acronym of Bounding Box. Coordinates of a bounding box are encoded with four values in pixels: [x_min, y_min, x_max, y_max] . x_min and y_min are coordinates of the top-left corner of the bounding box. x_max and y_max are coordinates of bottom-right corner of the bounding box. This is a cross section area bounding an area.

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Now I was able to sense that something is catchy here. What will happen if I change the bbox in the url to the bbox of a certain place. Boo-Yah! I was correct here, I was able to see who visited that bbox coordinate or we could say in easier words , who visited that location. I was having a huge list of users along with their user ids which helped me to take a once step more digger into the ground.

The Evil Attack Scenario

Hmm! the attack scenario is something more interesting than the exploitation of the vulnerable endpoint. Suppose if I am an attacker who wants to arrest a person using his location. What can I do is copy his username and find it on page by entering the bbox coordinates of certain locations. If I wanted know if a person has visited a certain location suppose LOCATION A then i will copy the coordinates and check whether he went there or not. Then if he visited there then I will pick coordinates of all directions near the LOCATION A and see where he gone. Then after alot of chaining I would be easily able to track him.

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How Google Looked this Report?

Google is fast. They access the report as early as possible and give update whether it is applicable or not. Within an hour of submitting my report got triaged and after around 1 hour it got Accepted as well. I knew that Google is fast , but this fast? My experience with google was very amazing. Then their message came inside the update mail only, that the finding is very cool and they have passed the bug to the fixing department and I was going to get an update on the bounty after 5 days. Gotcha!


Thanks for reading this report, Hope you were able to gain some knowledge after reading it. The advice that I would suggest to my community is to look into the history of requests made after hunting on a program and it would definetly helped them. See you in the next writeup very soon! Peace :)

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[Jan 18, 2022] - Bug reported

[Jan 18, 2022] - Initial triage

[Jan 18, 2022] - Bug accepted (P4 -> P2)

[Jan 23, 2022] - Bug mitigated by temporarily disabling the Moments feature

[Jan 29, 2022] - Reward of $XXXX issued